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The Flu, Body Aches
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When you contract the flu your body may respond with a fever, which may cause sweating; the result is dehydration. This forces your immune system to work overtime to fight off infection. This can cause body aches. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to treat body aches.
Drown a Flu
Body aches that accompany the flu are more intense than those that accompany a cold or sinus infection. However, like a cold, one of the best ways to treat your body aches is to speed up your body's healing process. Drinking lots of fluids can help you flush out the virus and hydrate your body. Some aches and pains that come with the flu are a result of dehydration. So keep drinking fluids and flush out the flu. Your body will thank you by healing faster.
Rest is Best
There's no guarantee that you can avoid body aches when you get hit with the flu. However, at the onset of the flu, it's a good idea to rest. Being overly active with the flu can almost guarantee an achy body. Also, being active with the flu can spread the virus to other places in your body. So kick back and give yourself time to get better.
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