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Cycling, Spinning - Back Pain
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While cycling and spinning are two of the most effective forms of cardiovascular exercise you can do, they can also be tough on your body. But by being prepared and knowing how to look out for specific problems before they arise, you can minimize your downtime and maximize your riding time.
Adjust Accordingly
Without proper handlebar alignment, there's a chance you may experience back pain. If your lower back is hurting, try moving your bars forward in order to help straighten out. If your upper back is hurting, try moving them back.

Take a Seat
Sometimes, knee pain can be traced to your seat height. As a general rule, if the pain is in the front of your knee, try raising your seat, and if the pain is in the back of your knee, try lowering your seat.
Soften Up
One of the best ways to protect yourself from upper-body pain while riding is to soften your ride. Padded bike shorts and gel seats are great for dampening harsh vibrations on the road before they reach your back.

Start Easy
Warming up your knees is essential. Be careful not to push too large a gear before you're warmed up. Remember, if you can't push a gear easily with one foot off the pedals, you're not warmed up enough to ride that gear.
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