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Errands, Chores
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From taking out the garbage to carrying groceries, we put our bodies through more than we sometimes realize. The key is to learn to do your chores and errands without putting too much stress on your muscles. Once you learn how to do this, doing errands and chores can be a beneficial and healthy activity.
Lift With Your Head—Not Over It
When carrying groceries, try to distribute the weight evenly across all of your muscles. Ask the cashier to put the groceries into two lighter bags rather than one heavy one. That way you can carry a bag in each hand. A heavy bag in one arm puts unequal stress on your body. And don't forget to double-bag. You don't want to be picking your groceries up off the ground.
Use the Tools
No matter what chore you're about to tackle, use the appropriate tools to help you perform them safely and correctly. A simple stepladder can help you get to hard-to-reach places without straining your muscles, and there are hundreds of other helpful tools at your local hardware store.

Dig Yourself Out of a Hole
Shoveling can put strain on your muscles. Choosing a shovel with a smaller blade helps you to pace yourself and prevents you from lifting too much snow or dirt.
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