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Fevers - Fever Treatment
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A fever is your body's natural response to an infection or other condition. Because the viruses behind colds and other respiratory infections thrive at cool temperatures, some experts believe low-grade fevers actually help your body's healing process. If you experience a higher fever, however, it may be the sign of the flu or something more serious. Consult your doctor to be sure.
Support Your System
When treating a low-grade fever that may accompany a cold or sinus condition, you should focus on supporting your immune system. Eating the right things — like chicken soup — and staying hydrated can help boost your immune system. So be sure to eat healthy and drink plenty of water. The healthier you are when you have a fever, the quicker you'll get over it.
Cold and Sinus Watch
When you have a cold or sinus condition your immune system is weakened and you're more susceptible to getting a fever. Make sure you keep close watch on the severity of your condition. If you feel it worsening after a few days of treatment, see your doctor.
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