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Finger Arthritis, Hand Arthritis - Pain Medicine, Relief
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Because you use your fingers and hands a great deal every day, arthritis pain in these areas can really affect your daily activities. By taking some precautions early on, and by treating the pain at the onset, you can help reduce your discomfort.
Listen to the Hand
When you're doing something, it's important to pay attention to how your body feels. If you are typing and you feel an increase in joint pain, stop; don't just muscle through it. When the pain subsides, take your fingers and hands through their full range of motion and then you can get back to work.
Get Some Handy Habits
It's important to make sure you're using your hands correctly in order to avoid the kind of wear and tear that may eventually lead to arthritis. For example, avoid movements that bend your fingers toward your small finger. Your joints do not naturally bend that way. Also, when lifting something, a good habit to get into is to grasp the item with all of your fingers, not just your index finger.

Stretch Them Out
To help prevent arthritis of the hand, avoid repetitive strain. Spending long hours at the computer can take its toll on your hand joints. Make it a point to stop and stretch your hand muscles every so often when you're working with your hands.
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