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Foot Pain
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A great way to keep your feet pain free is by providing them with the right support. This way they can provide you with the right support.
Wet Feet
When you have foot pain, soaking your feet in warm water with bath salts is a soothing remedy. After soaking, rubbing your foot with a pumice stone or foot file will not only help massage away foot pain, it will help smooth out the rough and uneven areas of your feet. This softens the skin and removes some of the dead skin cells that may have built up.
If the Shoe Fits
A great way to avoid foot pain is to wear shoes that fit properly. If you're at the shoe store and you find that the shoe needs breaking in, give some thought to trying on another pair. Breaking in a new shoe takes time and it may not be worth the period of discomfort. If you "just have to have them," use an insole pad to soften the inside of the shoe.
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