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Gardening, Yard Work
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Yard work is hard work. You are often in awkward and uncomfortable positions, stooped over or straining to reach. One way to help prevent injury is by conditioning your back muscles. Gardening and yard work require strong upper and lower back muscles.
Weeding Out Muscle Pain
Muscle pain may often bother you when you're weeding and planting. Most people tackle these chores only once or twice a year. This causes us to use muscles we don't normally use. If you feel sore, stop and warm up your muscles. Your backyard will wait.
Switch It Up
To help prevent muscle injury while gardening and doing yard work, pay attention to the repetitive stress you're placing on your body. If you're raking leaves for example, take frequent breaks to change your grip and stretch out your hand muscles every so often. This will help you put less repetitive strain on your muscles.
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