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The term arthritis today is used to describe more than 100 diseases relating to the swelling, pain, and stiffness related to joints and the connective tissues that surround them. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that one in every five American adults suffer from doctor-diagnosed arthritis today, with a large increase expected for the future as the U.S. population ages. The severity and onset of arthritis varies from person to person. Many arthritis sufferers face pain that can interrupt daily physical activities, making it difficult to perform simple tasks. Staying active through low-impact aerobic and muscle strengthening activities can help you manage your arthritis by improving joint mobility, while stalling the progression or onset of disability. Take control of your arthritis by learning techniques to manage symptoms, and consult your physician for a specialized plan.
Stay Active
Keep your joints healthy by staying active. Exercises and activities that don't put a lot of stress on your joints may improve your overall cardiovascular health and can also keep your joints flexible. Low-impact exercises* like swimming, aquacising and pilates are excellent ways to stay in shape, while not placing a high level of impact on your joints.
Don't Let Life Get Repetitive
Keeping arthritis in check can be a part of your daily health and exercise routine. Avoid joint movements that are highly repetitive. That doesn't mean you should stop practicing your forehand. You might just want to give equal time to practicing your backhand. This will help reduce the repetitive stress you're placing on specific joints and cartilage—stress that can lead to arthritis.
* Always remember to check with your doctor before beginning or changing an exercise plan.
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