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Headache Medication
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When a headache accompanies a cold or a sinus condition, it's often due to the pressure that's built up inside your head. Fluids in your sinuses put pressure on your nerves and blood vessels and cause tension in your head. Consult a physician if symptoms are severe, as they could be the sign of a sinus infection.
Blow Gently
Blowing your nose gently can help reduce pressure that is causing your head to hurt. Blowing your nose with too much force can actually put more strain and pressure on the blood vessels in your head, making your headache worse. Before blowing your nose, it helps to loosen up the congestion with warm liquids or moist air.
Wet Your Whistle
When you have a cold, you should drinks lots of fluids to help ease sinus congestion. Fluids will help to dilute nasal secretions and promote drainage.
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