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Child's Headache
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Blood vessels swell, muscles in the head begin to tense up. These are signs a headache is coming on, for both children and adults. For the most part, you can treat your child's headache the same way you treat yours. But it's important to always use children's doses. Because of concerns over Reye's Syndrome, a potentially fatal blood, liver and brain illness, you should never give your child aspirin.
Take a Time Out
Simply relaxing or taking a nap can sometimes help a child over the pain of a bad headache. First, find a quiet, dark room for your child to lie down in, then place a cool, damp washcloth across their forehead and have them breathe slowly. If that sounds relieving, you should know it works for adults, too!
Stop Snack Attacks
Avoid giving your child too much of certain foods that are known to cause headache pain, like chocolate, dairy, fried foods, ice cream and processed meats. And beware of caffeinated drinks: they have a reputation for provoking and intensifying headache pain.
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