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Infant's High Fever - Infant Fever
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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a fever is typically caused by either bacterial infections (such as strep throat or ear infection) or viral infections (such as cold or flu). In the event of a fever, making your child as comfortable as possible is important. Look for changes in behavior such as excessive fussiness, flushing, paleness, or other signs of discomfort in your baby. Take your child’s temperature with a thermometer to indicate if your child is running a fever—feeling the skin is inaccurate, especially when your child has a chill. Consult your pediatrician for information specific to your child.
Rubber Ducky Required
A bath in lukewarm water can help reduce your child's fever. End the bath if your child begins to shiver, as chills actually signal an increase in the body's temperature. Never use rubbing alcohol to cool your child's skin—it can be toxic.

Wet Their Whistle
A fever won't just sap your child's strength, it can also leave them dehydrated. Give them plenty to drink. Avoid giving your older children any drinks that contain caffeine, like colas and other sodas. These will dehydrate them further.
Don't Stand the Heat
Heat stroke can happen after a day at the beach or playing outside when it's hot. If you suspect your child has heatstroke, try to bring your child's temperature down by removing layers of clothing and putting your child in a cool spot to rest. If their temperature still doesn't drop, call your pediatrician immediately.

Bug Patrol
Stop the germs that cause fevers to spread to other family members. Make sure everyone washes their hands as frequently as possible, and avoids sharing eating utensils, glasses and towels.
Recommended Product
Infants' MOTRIN
Infants' MOTRIN® contains ibuprofen, a medicine that can reduce fevers and relieve minor aches and pains. It can be difficult to get a sick child to eat or drink and that makes it harder for them to get better. So give that fever the cold shoulder with Infants' MOTRIN®, which lasts up to 8 hours.
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