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Knee Arthritis Treatment
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Arthritis of the knee is caused by degeneration of knee cartilage and tissue. By treating it early, you can greatly reduce its long-term effects. If you suffer from knee arthritis, you should know the activities and lifestyle habits that can reduce stress on your knees.
Lighten Up
Lifestyle changes play an important role in the nonsurgical treatment of knee arthritis. Weight loss is a great way to relieve the stress you put on your knee joints, but losing weight can be difficult when movement is painful. There are low-impact activities* like cycling, swimming and aquatic exercise that are excellent sources of cardiovascular exercise and put less strain on knee joints.

Brace Yourself
One way to keep knee arthritis from slowing you down is to wear an energy-absorbing shoe or knee brace. This will help reduce the impact you're placing on your knee without slowing you down.
Warm Up. Stretch. Play.
Prior to exercising* or playing sports, warm up your knees with a brisk walk, then stretch. That way your joints will be warm, and your stretching will be more effective. You can reduce the tension you place on your tendons and relieve pressure on your knees by stretching the muscles both in front and in back of the thigh.
* Always remember to check with your doctor before beginning or changing an exercise plan.
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