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Lower Back Pain Medicine, Relief, Remedies
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As you mature, your bone strength and muscle elasticity decrease. As discs lose fluid and flexibility, they also lose the ability to cushion vertebrae. As a result, you may become more susceptible to lower back pain. That's why it's important to keep muscles strong and joints flexible.
Stretch Yourself
Stretching exercises* can improve your lower back by lengthening muscles and other soft tissues, keeping them loose, flexible and strong. This can reduce back stiffness and improve range of motion. Most people experience lower back pain and stiffness when they first wake up. This is because they've either slept in an awkward position or haven't moved at all, causing muscles to become stiff. Make stretching one thing you do before your morning coffee.
Back in Shape
Our daily routines don't always include the use of all of our muscles, especially our back muscles. So it's important to incorporate back exercises* into your fitness routine. This way, when you get called on to carry a new desk or move a large dining room table, you and your back will be ready. Remember to bend your knees when lifting heavy objects!

Sleep Right and Sleep Tight
Sleeping on your stomach or in an awkward position may put stress on your back muscles and spinal column. To avoid this, sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees. Make sure your neck is supported where your shoulders meet the base of your neck. This keeps your spine in line and promotes a healthy back.
* Always remember to check with your doctor before beginning or changing an exercise plan.
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