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Menstrual Cramps
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Menstrual cramps are dull or throbbing pains in a woman's lower abdomen that can occur just before and during menstrual periods. For some women, the discomfort is fairly mild. For others, it may interfere with their normal activities for a few days every month. Menstrual cramps are the leading cause of absenteeism from work in women under 30. Over half of all women who have menstrual periods experience some discomfort. About 10% are temporarily disabled by symptoms.
Heat and Repeat
Cramps can be eased by placing a heating pad on the pelvic area. Massaging the back and lower abdomen may also bring relief, as can exercise, especially prior to the start of a period.
Watch the Calendar
While they can occasionally vary, the majority of women's menstrual cycles are regular. That means that by keeping track of when your cramping begins, you can, over time, begin to predict fairly accurately when they will occur next. Additionally, keeping track of things like diet and exercise can give you a better idea of what helps to limit the severity of your bouts, and what makes them worse.
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