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Muscle Pain Treatment, Relief
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Muscle pain can be due to a variety of things. Usually it comes from straining yourself by trying to lift something heavy. It's not just a matter of getting help moving that television set. It's also a matter of learning the proper way to lift something. Muscle pain and strain can also occur when you lift something that's light, if you do it improperly.
Pat Yourself on the Back
If you can't get to a masseuse, try massaging yourself. Self-massages can be very effective in loosening and relieving muscle tissue when it's tight. Use your hands to massage your arms, legs, torso and neck. For hard-to-reach areas, place a tennis ball on the floor and lie flat on it, rolling slowly to cover the painful area.
Strike a Balance
Too much or too little exercise can increase your chances of getting muscle pain. Consider consulting a professional to find the exercise routine that's right for you. Your current routine could be putting too much strain on your muscles. And if you're not working out, your muscles can ache when they face the slightest challenge.
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