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Muscle Pain Treatment
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When children complain of sore legs at night, the reason probably isn't growing muscles or lengthening bones, but tired muscles that have been working overtime throughout the day.
They're in Good Hands
If your child has trouble falling asleep because of nighttime aches and pains, apply a heating pad to the area for a couple of hours or give their achy area a light massage. They'll wake up recharged and ready to go!
A Little Stretching
The next time you work out or go for a jog, show your child the proper way to stretch and condition leg muscles. A little bit of stretching before and after playtime will go a long way toward avoiding aches and pains.
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Children's MOTRIN® contains ibuprofen, a medicine that can reduce high fevers and relieve the minor aches and pains. It can be difficult to get a sick child to eat or drink—and that makes it harder for them to get better. So give that fever the cold shoulder with Children's MOTRIN® which lasts up to eight hours.
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