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Pain and Sleeplessness Help
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Aches and pains from a busy day can leave you tossing and turning at night. And not sleeping well can have a big impact on how you feel and perform the next day. Lack of sleep can affect your energy levels, your ability to concentrate and even your mood.
Winding Down
Start preparing for sleep early to let your body properly wind down. Have an early dinner and set the mood for sleep by dimming the lights. Read a good book or draw yourself a bath. The warm water can soothe and relax your muscles, so you'll be more comfortable when you get into bed to sleep.
Ask for a Massage
Nothing is better than a good massage when you're tired and achy. Massage increases circulation and can help ease muscle pain. Knead your shoulders, arms and legs. Or trade backrubs with your spouse, or give an IOU for another night.
Recommended Product
Ease today's aches and get the sleep you need for tomorrow with MOTRIN® PM. It combines powerful medicine to relieve minor aches and pains with an effective sleep aid.
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