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Rollerblading is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise; however, it can be tough on your knees and ankles. Be prepared by learning how to look out for specific problems before they arise and always wear the proper protective gear. Remember that rollerblading can be dangerous. If you're not sure you have the skills to get up on those skates, talk to a trainer first. And consult a physician before beginning or changing your exercise routine.
Ankle Adjustment
If you experience ankle pain while rollerblading, your ankle might not be supported properly. Check the tension of the skate's ankle strap. Make sure the strap is not too tight but not too loose. You should be able to fit a finger in between your skate and your ankle.
Wheel Watch
The vibration and friction of the skating surface can take a serious toll on your Achilles tendon. Ensure you have adequate wheels for the surface you're skating on. A rougher surface will require a softer and larger wheel. Remember to rotate wheels for equal and even pressure on your feet, legs and ankles.
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