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Sinus Headaches
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Sinus headaches can be accompanied by congestion, sinus pain and pressure behind the eyes, along the nose and behind the cheeks. Sometimes a sinus headache can feel like a stuffy nose. Other times, the pain can be intense enough to keep you from daily routines. Consult a physician if symptoms are severe, as they could be the sign of a sinus infection.
Vaporize It
Because moist air can help loosen the mucus and buildup that's creating pressure in your sinuses, humidifying a dry-air environment is a good idea. This can be done with a humidifier or steam vaporizer.
Depressurize It
At the onset of a sinus condition, you can take measures to avoid a headache. Saline nasal sprays may help to dry out and drain the fluids trapped in your sinuses, relieving pressure in your nasal cavities.
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