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Child's Sore Throat
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Though your child's dry, scratchy throat may clear up on its own, you need to keep an eye on it. Call your pediatrician if your child's condition lasts longer than a week or is accompanied by fever, earache or difficulty breathing or swallowing. This could be a sign of infection, and further treatment may be necessary.
Liquid Assets
Comfort your child's sore throat by making sure they drink plenty of fluids. Warm beverages can be especially soothing. Also, set up a vaporizer in their bedroom to moisten the air, and have them gargle with warm salt water every couple of hours.
Sharing Isn't Always Nice
Because the germs that cause sore throats can easily pass from person to person, tell everyone in your household to wash their hands as frequently as possible, and to avoid sharing glasses, eating utensils or towels.
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