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Yoga, Pilates
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Yoga and pilates are excellent ways to keep your muscles loose and flexible. But if done incorrectly, yoga and pilates can cause muscle pain. It's important to stay within your abilities and skill level to avoid muscle pain. (Remember to consult your physician before beginning yoga or pilates or any exercise plan.)
There's No Winner or Loser
Remember, yoga and pilates are not competitive sports. So if your neighbor is in downward facing dog and you can't get there because of muscle pain, take a break from exercise for a few days. But if the pain doesn't go away or seems to get worse, consult your doctor.
Take It Slow
To help prevent injury while doing yoga or pilates, don't overdo it. If you take a break from yoga for a few weeks and return, take it slowly. Don't try and jump back into the scorpion pose. Although these forms of exercise seem harmless, they can put considerable strain on your muscles.
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