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5 tips for managing a fever

A fever means your body’s fighting a cold, the flu, or another infection. But you can help make the battle as easy as possible. To manage your fever, try these tips:

  • When you first notice it, rest. Being active makes your body heat rise. When you’ve got a fever, activity brings your body temperature up even higher. Help your body recover – and avoid becoming dehydrated or getting heatstroke – by taking it easy until your fever comes down.
  • Remember to drink, lots. Sweating is your body’s natural cooling system, so staying well hydrated (with things like water or chicken soup) is extra-important.
  • Eat healthy foods. Nutrients and fluids can help boost your immune system – and the healthier you are when you have a fever, the quicker you'll get over it.
  • Dress light. Bundling up too much can make it harder to reduce a fever. If you have chills, try wearing a single, light layer and using one lightweight blanket.
  • If your temperature’s over 103ºF, let your doctor know. You may have the flu or another infection, so get checked out to be sure.

Also, make sure to wash your hands often – it can help you avoid colds, flu and the fevers that might come with them. Try to keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth, too.

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