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Joint Pain Relief

When you’re constantly on the go, there’s no time to add “contending with joint pain” to your agenda. Joint pain is the result of a variety of causes such as injury or arthritis . There are many facets to managing and dealing with joint pain – the end goal being the reduction of pain and improvement of function in the affected areas[i].  

Here are few simple steps you can take to help find relief:

  • Heat or Cold Therapy: Application of ice packs or heating pads can help provide temporarily pain relief[i].
  • Weight Management: Strive to maintain a healthy weight to keep pressure off of the joints and prevent future damage[i].
  • OTC Pain Relief: Take an NSAIDi, such as MOTRIN® , to temporarily relieve minor aches and pains due to muscle aches and the minor pain of arthritis. [ii]
  • Exercise: Incorporating exercise into your routine can help you get back some of the motion you may have lost*.  Exercise regimens with low-impact aerobic exercise like riding a bike or swimming[iii] can help improve muscle strength and decrease stiffness.[i]

*NOTE: Please consult your doctor, before starting or significantly altering your exercise routine.

If you do not obtain desired results from the above suggestions, please voice your questions and concerns to your healthcare professional.  They can talk to you about additional measures you can take such as:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Prescription Pain Management Solutions
  • Surgery





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