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How much do you know about migraines? There is a common misconception that they are just stronger headaches. However, if you’ve ever experienced a migraine, you know how much more severe the symptoms are. We invite you to use our Migraine and Headache Resource Center as a tool to learn and understand the differences between migraines and headaches, why you may be getting migraines along with some common triggers, or remedies to help soothe the intense symptoms you may be experiencing from migraines. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about migraines or headaches.

Caffeine's effect on migraines

Is Caffeine your Migraine’s Friend or Foe?

Wondering does caffeine help or heighten your migraine headache? Well, it depends.

Migraine and headache triggers

What Are Some Headache and Migraine Triggers?

Are you experiencing painful migraines and headaches and you’re not sure what may be causing them? Discover some common triggers that may be the root cause of your pain.

Anti-inflammatory foods

Discover Foods That May Reduce Inflammation

See our list of anti-inflammatory foods and learn how they could help relieve pain.

Sinus headache pain relief

Stand Up to Pain From Sinus Headaches

There’s nothing like sinus pain behind your eyes, nose and cheeks to put the pressure on. Click here to learn more on how to put the pain its place.

Ways to prevent headaches

3 Ways to Prevent Headaches

Just about all of us get headaches at some time or another. Help prevent headaches with this list of reminders!

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