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Tips to Help Relieve Sore Neck Pain

When neck pain puts a crick in your day, it can feel like life has come to a stiff and sore halt. Neck pain can be caused for various reasons. Muscle strains, compressed nerves and worn joints are just a few that can make your neck achey and stiff. If your neck pain persists or becomes severe, make sure to talk to your doctor.

Consider these tips and don’t let a sore neck slow you down

  • Stay Hydrated – It may sound strange, but drinking water and keeping hydrated can actually help to prevent and relieve a sore neck. The vertabrae in your spine need water to maintain alignment and relieve pressure.
  • Go for a Swim – Swimming can help a sore neck. Non-rigourous water exercise and activities have therapuetic effects and can help reduce inflamation in and around your spine and neck.
  • Switch to Speaker Phone – Cradling your phone using your neck and shoulders can put excess strain on your neck. Instead, turn your phone on speaker or grab a pair of headphones to keep the conversation going and your neck feeling better.

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