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Kids and colds: 3 reminders to bring them relief

Practices, parties, projects and playdates. Your kids look forward to a lot – and neither of you wants them to miss out because of a cold. Along with extra drinks and rest, these tips can help kids get well sooner:

  • Use saline nose drops. They’ll loosen the congestion and clear the stuffiness.
  • Run a warm bath. It can make breathing easier and help with muscle aches. Taking in the steam from a shower’s good, too.
  • At night, turn on a cool-mist humidifier or vaporizer. You’ll help break up chest and sinus mucus and speed up relief. Just remember to clean it often.

To keep kids in school and out of the doctor’s office once they’re well:

  • Dial up hand-washing. And teach them to keep it up – classmates with a cold are most contagious 2-4 days in, but they can still spread it up to 3 weeks later.
  • When a family member’s sick, make a no-sharing rule. That goes for utensils, glasses and towels.
  • Replace their toothbrushes. Post-illness is the perfect time.

Relieves pain and fever for up to 8 hours to help kids bounce back.

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