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So long, sniffles: How to treat your baby’s cold

When little ones have cold symptoms, like that telltale runny nose, you know what to do: make them as comfy as possible so they can rest and get better, faster. Here are some quick reminders to help you do just that:

  • Ease stuffiness with saline nose drops. Put a few drops in each nostril before it’s time to eat, and before bedtime. Wait a few minutes, then use a rubber suction bulb to clear younger babies’ noses.
  • Offer extra to drink. Make sure toddlers get lots of water or fruit juice between meals. If you’re breastfeeding, bump up feedings to provide more cold-fighting nutrients.
  • Run a warm bath. Bring them out if they start to shiver. You can also sit with your baby next to a steamy shower.
  • Use a cool-mist humidifier or vaporizer at nighttime. It’ll help break up chest congestion, so they can breathe easier and get the rest they need. Just remember to clean it often.

During the winter, help prevent the next bug by making sure everyone at home washes their hands even more than usual. Don’t share utensils, cups or towels – and remember to replace your baby’s toothbrush post-cold.

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