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When your kids get the flu, be ready

In kids, the flu bursts onto the scene much faster than a cold and much harder than in adults – all of a sudden, they might have a high fever, chills, and feel tired and achy. To help your kids get back in action as fast as possible:

  • Have them drink and rest, lots. It’ll help their immune system fight the virus.
  • Let your pediatrician know:
    • When the symptoms first showed up
    • If their fever lasts for more than a few days, or their flu symptoms seem to get worse

Every flu season (November to March), your best bet is to help keep kids from getting it in the first place:

  • Talk to your pediatrician about how to prevent the flu.
  • Make frequent hand-washing a must. That’s at home, at school, and wherever else their day takes them.
  • Set a no-sharing rule when a family member’s sick. Tell kids to keep utensils, cups and towels to themselves.
  • Remember to replace their toothbrushes. Post-illness is the perfect time.

Relieves pain and fever for up to 8 hours to help kids bounce back.

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