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4 tricks to treat and prevent kids’ toothaches

What’s behind your child’s toothache? It could be the workings of a well-known villain: Tooth Decay. If the pain doesn’t disappear in a few days, squeeze in a dentist appointment. While you’re waiting:

  • Try holding a cold pack against their jaw. You can also use ice wrapped in a wet washcloth; they can help give kids toothache relief.
  • Don’t give them anything too hot or cold to eat or drink. Hold off on ice cream until they’re better – it could make the pain worse.

To help kids steer clear of toothaches – and minimize extra dentist visits – it’s best to start good habits early.

  • Teach them to brush twice a day. And remember those back teeth! They’re where cavities most often pop up. They should floss once a day, too.
  • Play up healthy snacks. Sugary, sticky foods stick around and are more likely to cause decay. Snacks like apples or bananas are better for your kids, and their teeth.