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Kids’ Wellness Tracker App

When your kids are sick or in pain, you just want to get them feeling better and back in action as fast as possible. Having their specific health info at your fingertips can be a huge help. The Kids’ Wellness Tracker is a free, easy-to-use app that can make treating your children simpler and save you time at home, and at the doctor’s office.

With this one convenient tool, you can:

  • Calculate just the right dose of medicine using your child’s weight and age
  • Track when doses were last given
  • Note your child’s symptoms and temperatures to share with your pediatrician
  • Get quick info about specific issues like ear infections or treating fevers
  • Find helpful tips in 7 languages

Plus, the Kids’ Wellness Tracker App lets you

  • Plan ahead for doctor’s visits by recording which vaccinations your kids have had, and when
  • Chart your kids’ height, weight and BMI as they grow

Download the app for free today.

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Kids' Wellness Tracker App