1. Children + Infants Relief
Woman and a little girl smiling, laying down in the grass in the sun

Pain Relief Tips for Children & Infants

Give kids relief from pain and fever with the right amount of pediatric MOTRIN® product.

Sore Throat

Quick tips on relieving kids’ sore throat pain.

Woman smiling holding a baby

Sore Throats in Babies: Spot the Signs and Speed Up Relief

Tips on eating, bedtime and what to watch for.

Woman helping a little boy pack a water bottle into his backpack

Simple Steps for Sore Throat Relief in Kids

What you can do at home, and when to call the doctor.


Kids’ headache relief tips.

Young girl showing a tablet device to a toddler girl

Relieving Kids’ Headaches

Discover different ways that you can help your kids find relief from their headaches, including taking a nap or eating healthy snacks.

Dosing + Use

How to relieve tough pain and reduce fever with MOTRIN® products.

Little girl holding dosing cup of purple liquid medicine

Children + Infants Dosing

Find the right dose of Children’s or Infants’ MOTRIN® for your kids.